Prince William Frontal Nude

QC reader Anthony sent this in and wanted our opinion on the authenticity of this shot. We thought it’s rather obvious but we’d throw this to the floor. What do you guys think? Fake or Real?

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10 Jul 07 By Editor D 75 Comments


  • stephen says:

    I believe it’s real
    however i don’t think it’s him

  • Frank says:


  • david says:

    Totally fake. The face was pasted on.

  • Gary says:

    Oh Please, Prince Williams cock would be much bigger and probably uncut

  • jeremy says:

    fake… totally.

  • Michael W. says:

    If it’s fake, it’s a good job. Could just be a kid who looks like the prince though…

  • louis says:

    it is a fake. that is not his body. and it’s his face from years earlier.

  • louis says:

    it is a fake. that is not his body. and it’s his face from years earlier.

  • KPB says:

    Fake. There’s a ring of light going around the head. You;’ll notice it espcially near the front tip of the hair and his forehead. That’s a cut paste job at work. Plus, mor importantly, he’s british and I don’t see any foreskin!

  • Geno says:

    Fake. The two young Princes would be uncut, in all likelihood.
    If not, there goes my fantasy.

  • KPB says:

    Fake. There’s a ring of light going around the head. You’ll notice it especially near the front tip of the hair and his forehead. That’s a cut paste job at work. Plus, more importantly, he’s British and I don’t see any foreskin!

  • ted says:

    Fake. He’s European, thus uncut.

  • mark says:

    Absolutely fake!

  • andre says:

    I wasn’t even looking at the fake penis… I’m just curious where you can still by Diet Rite…

  • Liam says:

    Fake obviously, and rather insulting, his cock looks deformed!

  • rick says:


  • Tim says:

    I don’t see 12″ so it can’t possibly be a ruler (future ruler)

  • spiffy says:

    Geez… Just go look at real pics of William — his neck is not that short.

  • jayson says:

    Fake. Look where his head and neck meet, it’s just not right. And isn’t Diet Right soda kind of a discount brand, couldn’t a prince afford to by name-brand diet coke or pepsi?

  • boyman says:

    I agree with all the “fake comments” above. And, may I add, I do not think he will be that foolish to go naked on some beach knowing fully well how any paparazzi can take his picture and get it published–literally–around the world!

  • jakeme2 says:

    in some moment of reading too much in the newspaper i remember reading 1001 things about Princess Diana ~ of the information that’s stuck in my head was one point about her boys… “she didn’t want them to be circumcised like their father” (european aristocracy has always believed in circumcision) so that means that unlike the rest of the royal family Wills & Harry are uncut ~ a break with usual royal tradition… and in the case of this photo evidence that it’s not a photo of Willy’s willy.

  • Nick says:

    It’s a fake.
    Although circumcision has always been practised within the Royal Family in recent generations (Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward are all cut), it is well known that Diana, Princess of Wales, vehemently insisted that William and Harry were not circumcised – and Prince Charles went along with that.
    A few years after Diana’s death, William was admitted for an overnight stay in hospital for what was described at the time as “a routine hernia operation”. There were suggestions that this was a euphemism for a circumcision but it has never been confirmed either way. Being an active sportsman and regularly mounting and dismounting horses for polo, it’s quite possible that William pulled something and required medical attention and that the reason given for his treatment was entirely genuine.

  • mark d says:

    okay, i hate to be a stickler for details, but i’ll like to clarify that male members of the royal family were traditionally cut–stemming from Q.Vic’s rule, but this practice was stopped by P.Diana for her two children. so jumps at claiming he should be uncut simply because he’s british is not quite the answer. besides, it’s not like all british men are uncut.

  • LTP says:

    The pic is fake. However, on the question of the princes being uncut. I thought I ran across an article saying, that by tradition, the men of the royal family of England are circumcised. I believe Queen Victoria started this tradition. There are rumors that the princes were circumcised after Diana’s death since she would not allow it.
    Circumcision is also common among royal males in Spain.

  • ben from hamburg says:

    it´s fake.
    and a really worse fake.

  • Josh says:

    It’s a real picture, just a prince look alike…

  • RicanDavi says:

    The head is totally pasted on, you can see the edges around it.. They could have picked a better body for him and yeah, he’s probably uncut.

  • Drool says:

    Not attractive fake or real 😛

  • benny says:

    there is a ring of light going around the whole body
    it’s just a look alike

  • M says:

    Fake. There are photos of prince William at the recent concert for his mother that show him with his shirt open and he has chest hair.

  • richard says:

    dont know if its real but i have real picture of william and harry they are un cut

  • John says:

    Please. That Diet Rite can is from like 1983! And do they even HAVE Diet Rite in other parts of the world? BOOOOOO. God is in the details, even when doctoring naked photos.

  • GorT says:

    It’s simple… the prick is fake.

  • flower888 says:


  • Byron says:

    The picture, is of course a fake.
    However,my family are Jewish and the Princes are indeed circumcised, as I was circumcised by the same man as was my father, and my grandfather was circumcised by the same man that circumcised HRH the Prince of Wale’s.
    Lord E.B Romain,
    The Rt. Hon, the Viscount Anijar

  • Blake says:

    Obviously fake. His legs are disproportionate to his torso and upper half of his body – if no one’s mentioned that yet. Completely fake.

  • Calz386 says:

    Fake, more often than not the ears on people’s faces align with the eyes. In the photo the face is way too low to give the hint that the face was copied on and touch-ups were done.

  • clemson says:

    Fake. Like the heir to the throne would be drinking “Diet Rite”.

  • phil2u says:

    F A K E ! ! No Royal would touch a Diet Rite Cola

  • danny says:

    Fake for sure. His neck is WAY too big for his head!

  • Billy says:

    Very Fake!!! somebody crop out his P. William ‘s young (probably when he was something 14 or less.) pix over big body. how it possible? it is fake! no royals ever will reveal thier.

  • expatstud says:

    Wow, I did not realise they still made Diet Rite–where can I get some?

  • kobe says:

    Very BAD fake

  • dickrebel says:

    I just checked, diet rite is still sold, although since 2005 they have a new look and name “diet rite absolute 0”.
    They say on their site in the questions section about where to buy it, it says nationally in the us. No mention of international distribution.
    Unless the prince decided to get circumcized on the down low, *and* was sitting on an american beach, and was stupid enough to b e naked, and this was pre 2005, and he didn’t have chest hair, and he had the dubious “taste” for an awful diet cola that only sells to old diebetics in florida, than maybe it isn’t a fake, otherwise it surely is.

  • John Strafe says:

    Does anyone out there know if there are any naked pictures of Prince Harry? Just wondering. Even if they’re fake, that’s okay.

  • JRF001 says:

    Bitch please! That pic’s as fake as most porn actresses’ orgasms. Look at the water polo shots of William floating around the Internet; he has a nice patch of chest hair between his pecs. God bless PhotoShop.

  • Poz_69 says:

    OH, please, this is so fake. If William saw it, he would LHRHAO…. He definitely would be larger and uncut.

  • Matthew says:

    It’s fake, but the statements about him being uncut is wrong. Boys in the British Royal family have always been circumcised.

  • jamieUK says:

    Its obviously fake, but quite a good one at that – thing is I doubt he has been circumcised, the British Royal family keep their foreskins as was evident of the picture of Prince Charles cock taken in France a few years ago by paparazzi – it was not allowed to be shown in the UK but was published in France, quite a large member, does anyone have the pic or can QC please show us? THX!

  • samUK says:

    Totally fake, looks nothing like him

  • crocket says:

    FAKE!!! pitty – at least they could have pasted his royal face on some more hung dude!!!

  • jc says:

    It’s not him.
    Gosh this has been out years ago and has been disproved again and again.
    So many brits look like each other.

  • Jorge says:

    IT’S DEFINITELY FAKE! Number 1, All Royals are uncut! Number 2 Why would the Prince be drinking diet rite soda? Can’t afford the real stuff? Get REAL!

  • Maggii says:

    fake body!

  • doug says:

    fake , its toooo small

  • Puddin says:

    Fake. He has a little dick like his dad. His whole is all stretched out from brother Ginger poking it every night – That is how the royals do it – Getting married but living for man sex.

  • Isaac says:

    completely fake. I read in a book that the princes are uncut, and this, though blurry, is obviously a cut cock. unfortuante, tho. i’d love to see the prince nude!

  • ian says:

    i want to believe this is real, hehe, ok we all know its fake but just the thought of have prince william naked has got me all hot and steamy!!!

  • Hugh says:

    IT”S A FAKE!
    1. Europeans are uncut with the exception of the Jewish.
    2. Diet Rite is a US brand soda.
    3. Scotland Yard and the British Military security wouldn’t let any one get that close to Prince William or Harry.

  • Bobby says:

    Oh, it’s real in a very fake way. Or rather, it’s fake in a very real way?

  • QE2 says:

    1. There are plenty of circumcised Europeans who are not Jewish
    2. Diet Rite is available in lots of countries
    3. The Papparazzi use telephoto lenses, ever see the picture of Prince Charles cock (French magazine, taken from long distance through window).

  • rique says:

    were is the cock…i can only see a couple of balls…:p

  • David Antonio Martinez says:

    Not all Europeans were uncut. If you were born in Spain like I was during the reign of King Francisco Franco than you were required by royal law to be circumcised at birth.

  • Dean says:

    Just because they’re European doesn’t automatically mean they’re uncut. The royal family is known for penile mutilations, I’m sure Cabbage (aka QEthe2) would never have allowed the grandkids to go uncut.

  • Thomas says:

    Quite frankly I can’t even discern the dick from the balls… did anyone else notice the positioning looks off, as if the testicles are above the penis?

  • Aharon says:

    Am I the only one who thinks this looks like the body of an old man? He appears to have two dicks which , if they were combined would barely be enough for one normal one. That`s apart from all the other stuff listed here :0))

  • Donald says:

    Although most Brits are uncut, British Royalty is CUT!

  • Condessa says:

    A fake, it all just looks wrong and weird.

  • jersey says:

    thankfully fake…id like to think hot prince william has something much bigger than that

  • James says:

    That’s a fake… And it sooo obviously fake… Anyone who thinks that that is real is stupid… he would not be that stupid for starters

  • Aamir says:

    PRINCE IS UNCUT! google his picture. turns out the Queen was thoughtful, she wanted the prince to have ALL his manhood (foreskin) lol

  • MPerty says:

    Not Much to Play wit… LOL

  • Zac says:

    it look real to me and i think the picture should be deleted it is total disraspect

  • Punny1941 says:

    Princess Diana, Prince Williams mother stated before her children were born, that if the baby was a boy, she would NOT follow Royal tradition of circumsizing hr boys..Therefore both William and Harry are NOT cut

  • royalty2 says:

    first,  I thought that William and his brother were both uncut.  This picture appears to have a circumcized penis.

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