Gay Porn Star “Stonie” Makes a Big Change

Gay Porn Star Stonie Makes a Big Change
For six years, Adrian Cortez — better known as “Stonie” in the gay porn world — performed in more than 60 porn videos and made a brief appearance as Borat’s gay (and nude) son. Over the past year, however, Stonie has undergone a major change. See the jump for what we mean…

Gay Porn Star Stonie Makes a Big Change
Stonie now lives in Ft. Lauderdale where he underwent the sex change process to become Brittany Coxxx, female adult porn starlet. Says our new vixen, “I’m excited to begin working as Brittany Coxxx in adult films. I think it will be even hotter than before.”
Adds David Forest, Coxxx’s manager pre- and post-change, “I think Brittany will be a huge hit in the straight XXX business … even more so than she was as Stonie in the gay world.”


10 Jan 08 By aaron 51 Comments