QueerClick would like to offer a warm welcome to both Anthony Duran and Jasun Mark, two of the members behind the amazing team who create, film and produce at Ducati Studios.

We recently featured their first DVD release for Nasty Daddy with an exclusive Behind The Scenes feature, but Ducati Studios also produce Gentlemen’s Closet, Trailer Trash Boys, Bondage Bros and Trenton Ducati is also involved and performs with Top Fan Vids.

It’s a real pleasure to meet both of you guys and extra special for us to feature the “behind the scenes” last week and also have this interview with insight into the adult entertainment industry.

We, know this seems an obvious first question, but it’s one that always fascinates and interests our readers. So many of the public assume that people enter porn out of necessity or that they had no other choice to earn money. We know this is not true from interviewing other porn actors and film makers, so what was your journey that led you into the industry?

Anthony – I was working in fashion photography in my 20’s in LA. I met photographer Jeff Burton, who was the still photographer for Catalina Video, and I started assisting him shooting VHS box covers. That’s how long ago it was! When Jeff left to work for Falcon in the late 90’s, I kind of stepped into his position and… bam!… I then shot over 200 box covers and directed 50 films in my 5 years with Catalina Video. As soon as I was freelance I then shot for almost every studio that was on the West Coast and landed a gig Directing for Falcon Studios “Jocks” line. I’ve been very lucky to work with some of the most talented performers and crew in the industry.

Jasun – Oh man… I guess I always knew this is what I’d be doing. I always knew I wanted to be a film maker and when I started making little productions and writing scripts even as a teenager. They were all porn haha!
Some of them were narrative films but porn and sex and nudity was always a part of it. I studied film at York and was doing a few indie jobs, but then I got my “in” starting as an HTML designer for a small studio up in Toronto. I then I got called up to the “Big Leagues” by John Marsh from Fratmen in LA. It just always felt like the right industry for me.

Do you have a favorite scene you have shot, or any scenes you wished you had taken part in (or wish you hadn’t been involved in)?

Anthony – My favorite scene was Jack Dixon and Dale Savage called “DILFS Fucking” for Nasty Daddy. I thought it was the perfect combination of hairy muscle daddy paired with suburban dad next door type. Hot and fun and the chemistry was off the charts. Tit Pig aka Steve Hurly was the inspiration for Nastydaddy, I loved every scene I shot with that Legend. RIP Buddy

Jasun – Wow… hard to choose! The scene that’s popped into my mind from recent days is “Shave And A Haircut Two Dicks” that I directed for Trailer Trash Boys recently. Trailer Trash Boys is a very different kind of site. It’s
comedy but it’s also sort of theater of the absurd. We spend a lot of time making up dialogue and improving the lines. We let the guys do it over and over again until we’re all laughing too hard to actually make a porn LOL! Then we know we have the B-Roll done and it’s time for the “meat and potatoes” part. Brian (Bonds) and Masyn (Thorn) were SO funny and the crew kept bursting out laughing and the sex was so hot too. The setup was really funny…in fact the thole thing is, but then you have these two stunning country boys fucking and it’s like… perfect. I felt so proud of that one.

Apart from performing in adult movies, have you always had aspirations of acting, directing and producing films?

Anthony – I was mostly focused on photography… directing and production was a natural progression for me. I’ve always loved making men look hot and sexy.

Jasun – Haha… ok well… to be fair I’ve been on camera like 5 times. And once was as a favor for Anthony 😉

Anthony – yeah, Jasun was one of the original Nasty Daddies!

Jasun – I still can’t believe you talked me into that haha! But the rest of the question is that yes, I’ve always wanted to make movies.

Have you been inspired or influenced by other actors, directors or producers?

Anthony – I mentioned before that Tit pig aka Steve Hurley was my inspiration for NastyDaddy.com I’ve always be attracted to older guys. I was trained by a great director named Josh Elliot, he directed many of the porn industries epic bi and gay films. “Boy Band”, “Score” , and the “Valley of the Bi Dolls”.

Jasun – Joe Gage. I mean… any gen X gay guy grew up and he was like… God. I loved his movies and the way he created his characters. His way of shooting, his movies were so hot. When I finally got to work with him it was like… amazing… but also a bit scary. You don’t wanna fuck up in front of your idol. But we’ve worked together many times now and he calls me his “protege” so… I’ll take that.

Have you had any formal training whether that be acting, performing arts, film, tv or production prior to the adult industry and what have been your greatest hurdles?

Anthony – I studied photography at LA Trade Tech in Los Angeles. And Josh Elliot guided my career. We had so many great times together. He was trained by the legend William Higgins.

Jasun – I studied film at York.

What are the major changes you have seen in the adult industry over the years and since you started out?

Anthony – The biggest change was the internet, everything was instant. You didn’t have to rent from a video store, you could watch the day it came out. I thought the internet was going to kill the porn industry but I was wrong, porn is bigger and better than ever.

Jasun – Well… 8mm film reels and cartridges gave way to VHS and then to DVD, but the internet changed literally everything. Social media made porn stars accessible by fans from all over the world. We distribute online now. Most movies will never have a physical release.

During the pandemic some studios completely closed, while other studios seemed to work around the restrictions and flourish. How did the last two years affect your plans and did you change and adapt during that time?

Anthony – My partner Trenton Ducati was one of the industry leaders who helped get proper testing before shooting so we could all keep working. He was focused on the safety of the cast and crew. We would all test and then quarantine before and after shoots. None of us ever tested positive.

Jasun – I mean we had to, really, didn’t we? We had to stop shooting until we learned more about how to prevent spreading COVID. The safety of our stars is the top concern. So yeah.. it was months before we were working again. We had all sorts of health experts weigh in and come up with guidelines. We had a lot of precautions. There were a couple stars I worked with more than once who had no idea what I actually looked like because they never saw me without a mask for the whole time we were shooting the movie. We had to do daily testing. Distancing. But nobody was infected on a set I worked on. So that’s good.

Is there a shortage of guys coming into the adult industry or would you say that there is no problem as this generation are much more aware and open to the idea?

Anthony – We are working with a lot of different types of models. To our surprise there have been some really hot daddy types who have already had careers and now started doing porn as the next chapter or act 2. Dale Savage was a firefighter, Lance Charger worked in Public Relations, Jack Dixon was a pastry chef, Michael Roman was a teacher. Younger guys are making careers out of porn too. It’s not a bad gig.

Jasun – This generation just… I mean they don’t care. They’ve stopped allowing the uptight old people dictate anything they do. So they also grew up watching sex tapes make stars out of Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian and pretty much anyone else. They’re also pretty shrewd. I know a bunch of guys in their 20s who started doing OnlyFans just to pay their rent in the pandemic and before long they were practically household names in the gay porn world. Once studios started back up again, they were front and center getting those jobs!

What do you anticipate within the adult film industry, new technology, new restrictions, more openness or something else?

Anthony – The adult industry has always been ahead of the game with cameras and tech. I’m learning new stuff every couple of years. Everyone is all about 4k now and we are now shooting 4k for all our sites.

Jasun – I’m still trying to figure out how TikTok works haha!

With a lot of self created and amateur porn available (OnlyFans, JustForFans, etc) do you feel this threatens the traditional adult porn industry or do you feel there is still space for both to develop alongside?

Anthony – We are so happy for the actors being able to create there own content. We will often share a scene we shot with the actors for their fans sites. It’s a win win for everyone.

Jasun – Are you kidding? It’s made it better. The stars now have some skin in the game. They show up totally ready to do a scene, they’re professional and they understand how the business works and how to make it all work.
It’s been a huge boost.

With the quality and relative low cost of equipment now, filming, editing and publishing is much more accessible than ever before. Would you say this has meant more creativity and original ideas or do you just think there is now more amateur content out there?

Jasun – So far mostly just more amateur content out there. You can’t expect to litter the streets with paint brushes and expect everyone to paint the Mona Lisa. Film making isn’t something easy to do, it isn’t just having a camera. But I do see your point and yeah, it certainly has put those tools in more hands and that’s a good thing.

Now that you have your own years of experiences in the adult industry, is there anything you wish you had done differently when starting out and what advice would you give to new comers in the industry?

Anthony – Stay focused and have a great time. So many people would love to give the industry a try. It can be an amazing experience.

Jasun – No, not really. I think all things considered I’m happy with just about all of it. As far as advice goes… make movies that would turn you on.

During the last year our dear QC readers have really taken a liking to your style of porn, namely Gentlemens Closet, Nasty Daddy, Trailer Trash Boys, Bondage Bros and Top Fan Vids. While these are all very different niches they are non the less very popular with our audience. What other niches are you interested to explore or is in the pipeline and can we expect in the future?

Anthony – We have lots of ideas, we are currently working on another new site and QueerClick readers will be the first to know!

Jasun – I wanna make a porn in space. With aliens and sex in zero-g LOL!

Is there any message or anything else you would like to share with your fans at QueerClick?

Anthony – Thanks to all the QueerClick readers for all the support. We want to hear from them? Let us know who or what you want to see on the sites ? You’re all very welcome to leave your ideas and comments below…

Jasun – Thanks so much for the support. Seeing how people enjoy what we’re doing has been such a rush!

Many thanks to Anthony and Jasun for taking time out of their busy production schedule for such an interesting and insightful interview! Dear QC readers please feel free to leave your comments, ideas and appreciation in our comments section below.

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