The Portrait of Dorion’s Wang – BET’s Dorian Standberry Twitter Account Hacked

The Portrait of Dorion's Wang - BET's Dorian Standberry Twitter Account Hacked
What’s with all the celebrity sex pics and reality star peen going around these days? Between Dustin Lance Black’s barebacking tape, Chris Kummer’s Playgirl JO video, and Shawn Southern’s skanky cockpics we’ve seen more of these stars in the last week than we have their entire career.
Well, add Dorion Stanberry to that illustrious list. He starred in BET’s College Hill Atlanta as himself, a student living with seven others enrolled in local schools. He’d also done several fashion shoots for several big name labels. A hardworking student on a family-friendly show, a successful model making a name for himself. A fine, upstanding young man, yes? Well now he’s the web’s latest cockpic casualty because of a vindictive hacker. And what a great cock it is! Wow. Ahem… Tabloid Prodigy has the story:

Dorion Standberry from BET reality show College Hill had his Twitter account hacked by a scorned gay lover today, and this pissed off Robin Hood of sorts not only posted naked images of Dorion, but he also published a laundry list of celebrity phone numbers, including Solange Knowles, Christina Milian and Tyson Beckford.

“a disgruntled hacker took to his Twitter page to accuse Dorion of inflecting him with an STD and also claimed that Dorion had a sexual encounter with hot-bodied football star Terrell Owens. He took things even further and posted addresses and phone numbers of more than 15 celebrities Dorion had stored in his e-mail account, and wrote “mmmm what dumbass keeps his contact numbers connected to his email.” And for good measure he added “lolololol!!!!!” Dorion’s BlackBerry is linked to his e-mail account, making phone numbers and addresses easily accessible to any hackers.”

Keep in mind, beyond the hateful tweets, Tabloid Prodigy apparently has no evidence that a gay lover’s actually involved. But we did a little digging and found some curious links associated with the scandal. For one, there’s Dorion’s real Twitter page and then one set up by an impostor bragging about his big dick pics. Is this impostor the alleged hacker? On Dorion’s MySpace page he says that someone stole his phone, which is at odds with the “vindictive hacker” story. Lastly, on his Model Mayhem page, one of his top friends is Keyontyli Goffney, one half of the infamous gay porn cat burglars who recently pulled off a northeastern crime spree! We’re not claiming guilt by association, but be careful of the company you keep, D!

Dorion recently spoke about the scandal on an Atlanta radio station. He admitted taking the pics but denied being gay. You can hear how stressed out he feels. And that the DJ keeps joking about it and calling him gay doesn’t help. Though Dorion does get a bit touchy when the question’s raised. He may not have been, but all the attention and admirers that’ve come out because of his huge cock may make him reconsider.
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