Active Duty: Nick Gunner

active duty nick gunner

Nick is so special that Dink even gave him a last name
. He had been trying to give the name “Gunner” away for weeks and when he mentioned it to Nick he said “I’ll take it.” So, “Nick Gunner” was born.
He’s dynamite in a small package and he’s packing some heat down below. His “package” isn’t so small as you’ll see but he’s only about 5′ 4″ tall.Dink’s perfect type. And talk about knowing how to work a camera for all it’s worth, this guy knows every move to drive the viewer crazy. He simply loves posing and showing off his gorgeous little tight body and Dink was right in there working him over. We’re not sure who worked who, but by the time it was over Dink didn’t care and we’re sure you won’t either.

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25 Oct 10 By Dave 4 Comments