ChaosMen: Kouri

ChaosMen: Kouri

Kouri doesn’t seem to want to label himself, but for the photos he watched some trans themed porn, and for the solo he stuck to straight porn with girls squirting all over the place. Ironically, he didn’t seem too interested in any of the bisexual videos Bryan had. So perhaps he is hard to slap a label on.

At only 5’7″ tall he has a nearly 8-inch cock. He says with women he is aggressive, but when it comes to dudes, he likes them mature, and dominant. He also says he loves having his ass fucked.

ChaosMen: Kouri

He gets hard easy, and strokes his cock like a pro. He does work up quite a sweat in order to cum.

Huge ropes of cum pour out of his cock!
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20 Mar 17 By Jo 3 Comments