ChaosMen: Bryan and Lansing – RAW reMASTER

ChaosMen: Bryan and Lansing - RAW reMASTER


In 2008 Bryan released the “Director’s Cut” of this scene, which included footage that had previously only been included on the DVD release. Turns out, Lansing was enjoying his expert cock-sucking by Bryan so much that Lansing was practically begging for Bryan to fuck him, and Bryan obliged.

There are a LOT of hot scenes throughout ChaosMen’s long history. Using Artificial Intelligence to upscale and color-correct videos, the studio got us some remastered scenes you may not have seen yet.

ChaosMen: Bryan and Lansing - RAW reMASTER

Bryan had been hesitant to release the footage because he didn’t want to be “That guy that fucks his models online,” but as it turned out, members really enjoyed watching that dynamic, and Bryan went on to film and release several more scenes like this, in addition to his regular appearances in Serviced-series videos.

See more of Lansing and this video over at ChaosMen.

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