Taiwanese Actor Aaron Yan Outed By One Of His 3 “Lovers” And It’s Gotten Out Of Control

Taiwanese Actor Aaron Yan Outed By One Of His 3

So this is Aaron Yan. He is a 32-year old Taiwanese actor.

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He’s got abs by the way.



There is no wonder why he is a matinee idol. He looks damn good and he is famous. Fans are going gaga for him. But recently, his career has been stricken by an issue brought up by a guy who identified himself as the actor’s then-boyfriend.

He posted a series of photos on social media:


He learned of Yan’s alleged cheating with two other guys which may have aggravated him and escalated the issue by exposing Yan in the media. He posted images of Yan kissing each of his three “boyfriends” in three separate photos. Media has since picked up the story and it’s become one hell of a mess. This eventually caused the actor to be outed without his consent.

The ex-boyfriend also said that Yan has been generous to him throughout their low-key relationship. Yan would take him to trips abroad, invited him to parties and the actor even paid his rent. But these all changed after about two years of their relationship. He said Yan became cold and was never the same which prompted him to investigate. He then found out that he was not the only one. And to his surprise, he’s been cheated with not just one but two other men.

Both parties somewhat failed each other. Yan said he’s sorry for not handling relationships properly so it’s clear that the actor cheated one way or another. However, does outing him justify his cheating?

Because again, “coming out” should never be anybody else’s business. They have reasons for not coming out. In this case, Yan is an actor in a country where he may not land a role for being who he is. It should have been his journey and not by someone else. He may have cheated but the “boyfriend” could have privately confronted him about it instead. Talked it out. But he lost it and handled it the worst way possible.

On the other hand, Yan may have taken advantage of his incognito relationship and took two other guys in his wing because it’s thrilling. He is rich, good-looking, and famous. It’s basically saying he can get as many guys as he want but of course, you cannot just do anything you are capable of without thinking of possible implications.

Yan’s management has since told the media that the actor has never cheated and dismissed the issues as “fake reports” that they will be taking matters of with their lawyer. The actor has also issued an apology to his fans, family, and management for things the people might have taken issues with.

“I am very sorry for not handling my private affairs well. It is unfortunate it had to be revealed this way. I truly treat each person wholeheartedly, but I am a normal person. I also have a lot of weaknesses and the feelings that normal people have. Relationships will always have its ups and downs. If you don’t handle it well, there will be a lot to learn from. I don’t want to be suspicious and guarded when I am getting to know a person. I have revealed my most vulnerable self to the spotlight.

I once gave my true feelings to someone, but when it ended, I didn’t handle it well causing the situation to turn into what it has become today; this I didn’t expect. I apologize to those I have caused pain. I will learn from this and become a better person. I sincerely apologize to the people who were dragged into the news and were hurt, sorry. I am also sorry to my family, friends, and fans, who have supported me all the way. I also thank my company, HIM, for tolerating and respecting me.

Those who have helped me along the way, I will always remember. I will also take this lesson as a guide to help me mature. I am also very sorry for wasting everyone’s precious time and valuable life to watch my ordinary and unworthy of everyone’s precious time’s private life.”

Here’s to hoping damage control is properly effective for everyone involved.


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