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[UPDATE] Breaking: Orlando Bloom Full-Frontal Nude In Italy – Full Uncensored Set!

Orlando Bloom caught naked in Italy

This is not a drill, we repeat, this is not a drill!

While on vacation in Italy with his girlfriend, singer Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom was caught naked by the paparazzi and this was not like previous encounters with the media. Orlando was feeling “au naturel” in the Mediterranean and completely stripped off his swimming trunks and, completely unaware of the presence of the cameras too!

The unexpected full-frontal also revealed his smooth butt and his big cock, Katy is a lucky girl! Bush lovers are going to be pleased as the actor has kept his pubes in place too. The best UNCENSORED photos from the set are the ones where he’s sitting on a paddleboard with his penis hanging there in all its glory!

We can’t stress enough that is is not some FELEBS post. This is 100% REAL!

Make the jump to check out actor Orlando Bloom doing a full-frontal. Full uncensored photo set. Are you pleased with the Italian view? Let us know what you think in the comments!

UPDATE 08-05-2016: We have some extra photos, similar to yesterday’s leak but slightly different angles, that seem to corroborate that Orlando Bloom indeed fluffed himself when he decided to let his dick take some fresh Italian air! More after the jump!

UPDATE 08-09-2016:
Orlando is back!!! Perhaps he doesn’t want to be upstaged by Bieber or 50Cent. Mr Bloom continues his Naked in Italy Tour 2016. The Pirates of The Caribbean actor went for another swim. This time sporting snazzy red trunks (or are those “Bermies”?) Which he proceeded to remove rather quickly. To reveal, and expose, his smooth and round butt! Are we going to see his penis again? New photos after the jump!

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Holy Shit! Is This Justin Bieber’s Erected Cock!?

Did Justin Bieber's Erection Nude Pics Just Leaked?
A few of our readers (thank you!) have sent in what they reckoned was a picture of Justin Bieber showing off his erected cock. The Photoshop ninja in us (need proof?) wanted to cry “FAKE!” but we weren’t that sure because it looks kinda legit. But a big part of us wants this to be a really good fake too. So is it or is it not a fake?
We reveal our findings after the jump.

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The Best of 2013 on QueerClick

Our retrospective of the hottest guys in 2013
As the year comes to a close, it seems we all like to look back and reflect on the moments that contributed to 2013. And QueerClick is no different. In fact, we really love taking a look back at what you our fans—the heart and soul of Queerclick—clicked on the most or what you commented most on.
And after years of providing you the best of gay porn and sexy-ass fuckers we can find, we’ve sure noticed things have changed over the years. Not to get too sentimental, but we found 2013 to be a defining year that shows what turns you guys on now, as compared to just a few years back. So we compiled some highlights…

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QC RoundUp — June 16

Like sands through the hourglass, these are the days of our lives. Or at least the porns of our lives, anyway. And this week was sexier than ever. We celebrated our 20th Guess His Dick post with a hung daddy-type and the return of FELEBs magazine (one of our favorite issues to date, incidentally).
So kick back, relax, and unwind a little. Maybe have a drink. Anyone want to tell us a story from their week? Something smutty, preferably!


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QC RoundUp — May 25

Another week gone, QueerClickers. It’s almost summer in some parts of the world (and, ok, almost winter in others), but in either case, we’re keeping the hot guys flowing for you. This week saw a new issue of FELEBS, a sexy surfer GHD contender, and some hot ball-slapping action everywhere else. Not a bad week, all-in-all.
Anyone do anything exciting this week? We count on your, QCers, to keep the obstetricians and antibiotic vendors of the world in business!

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TGIF – Rockstars ‘n Superheroes

Pole Position: GWiP Edition!
Sean Cody: Jess and Brent Bareback
Next Door Buddies: James Jamesson and Jett Jaxx
Guess His Dick, DILF Next Door
All American Guys: Anthony M
The Inspirational and Jaw-Dropping Model Alex Minsky
UK Naked Men: Nick Cheney
FELEBS - Monsters vs Heroes
Randy Blue: Kevin Clarkson
QC's Nude Boyfriend of the Week
Every jag on the internet claims to have a beer can cock. It’s so common we had all but given up tracking down the real thing. But this week’s Nude Boyfriend has restored our faith in giant cocks! Seriously, that thing would split a hole in two and you’d love every minute of it. On top of that, this week’s Guess His Dick contender was a burly DILF on the hunt for some fun. Imagine being spitroasted between the two. Mmmmm.
This week’s FELEBS magazine showed us that behind closed doors, Iron Man is more like Leather Man. Tony Stark is an insatiable bottom with more than a few fetishes. Check out this week’s issue to see what else your favorite superheroes are into between the sheets. We have to admit, the picture of Alien is growing on us. There’s something wonderful about its mix of hot and scary.
Finally, if you’re feeling a little under the weather, Next Door Buddies showed us the best way to check for a fever. Trust us, it’ll only hurt for a second ;). Have a good weekend, QueerClickers!
H0230: Kenji Hida
PeterFever: Masquerade Part 4
Jacky Liang Shows Off Leg Muscle (after the jump)
H0230: Akitoshi Yasud
Japan Boyz: Beach Sumo Buttfuckers
Stag Homme: Serrano
Bang Bang Boys: Fernando & Matheus Wilhans
Jesus Luz para Revista Junior
Latin Boyz: Rolo
Authentic Footballers: Dario
19Nitten: Greg
Doggy Boys: Adrian
Enigmatic Boys: Taylor
Teens Boys World: Dim
BFCollection: Lawrence
Corbin Fisher: Harper Cums On Tom (with preview video)
Sean Cody: Tanner and Jayden Bareback + Screengrabs x Video Preview!
Chaos Men: Glenn and Vander – RAW
Men On Edge: Landon Conrad
Bel Ami: Billy Cotton & Sasha Akunin

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QC RoundUp — April 20

This week’s QC Roundup just happens to fall on 4/20 (in some areas of Planet Unicorn, at least), so we imagine that most of you are reading this with a giant bag of Cheetos in your hands, in which case we congratulate you on a successfully observed holiday. This week brought all kinds sticky-sweet porn goodness, from this week’s FELEBS magazine to a suit-splitting scene from Men at Play. This week certainly kept our hands busy.
How were your weeks, QueerClickers? Raise your hand if you’ll be spending your weekend picking a stranger’s pubes out of your teeth!

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TGIF – Variety is the Spice of Life

High Performance Men: Christopher Daniels, Allen Silver and Will Swagger
Randy Blue: Abele & Caleb
Chaos Men: Myles - Serviced
FELEBS - Sicker Than The Remix
Corbin Fisher: Kellan's Backseat Blowjob
Men At Play: Pure Suit - Woody Fox and Justin Harris
Pole Position: Lickilicious
GHD, Cheaterz Edition
Sean Cody: Charlie and Jarek Bareback
QC's Nude Boyfriend of the Week
This week’s top posts come from all over the place. Our #1 post this week is our Nude Life Partner – err, Boyfriend – of the Week. At the other end of the spectrum, this week’s Guess His Dick contender cheated on his girlfriend, and she got her revenge by showing his naked pictures all over the internet. Which, in retrospect, probably isn’t much of a revenge when the guy has a body like that. Maybe she should have photoshopped his head onto a different body first.
Plus, this week’s FELEBs offered us all sorts of aural pleasure by soundtracking our Zac Effron/Cory Monteith/Kellan Lutz fantasies. Not a bad week, all in all. Variety is the name of the game!
Have a good weekend, QueerClickers!
GymCollege Model Gu You-ming (顾又铭)
Nong Earn by Haruehun Airry
Japan Boyz: Kento
H0230: Masato Katagiri
Jordan Yeoh
4 Killer Blow Job Techinques
Stag Homme: Antonio Aguilera and Damien Crosse
Rodiney Santiago by Leo Castro
Nico Urquiza by Ron Amato
Anaconda #108
Enigmatic Boys: Kirk
DoggyBoys: Den
Teens Boys World: Jack
BFCollection: Will
19Nitten: Valeriy
Corbin Fisher: Cameron Rides Chandler (with preview video)
Amateur College Sex: Brant Unloads On Lauren
Club Inferno Dungeon: Josh West and Boyhous
Bound Jocks: Johnny Torque and Brenden Cage
Sean Cody: Liev and Daniel Bareback + Screengrabs x Video Preview

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TGIF – Happily Ever After

QC's Nude Boyfriend of the Week
Next Door Male: Josh Long
FELEBS - The Horny Dead
Circle Jerk Boys: Jack King
Sporno: Aussies Rule
Sean Cody: Jordan and Ryan Bareback
Fratmen SUCKS! Jayden Meets Vincent
Pole Position: Men, Men, Overflowing
Guess His Dick, Best Man Edition
Spencer Reed Ties the Knot!
We’re simply basking in the bliss of Spencer and Damir Reed this week. They look really happy together, and we wish the best for them. Speaking of marriages, Guess His Dick features one best man who knows quite a great angle when one is taking one’s nude selfies. We’re still months away from season 4 of AMC’s The Walking Dead and Brad Pitt’s World War Z, but nothing can stop LWoods from imagining a pornified version of a zombie apocalypse.
Would it feel better, we wonder, if you could only be turned after a zombie has made you cum in their mouth?
HAHA… Yeah… Stretch your imagination with us. Welcome to Planet Unicorn.
Japan Boyz: Julian
H0230: Taku Kanbayashi
Sexy Flyboy
[Video] Asian Dildo Fuck & Wank
Stag Homme: Pizza Pervert
BiLatin Men
Authentic Footballers: Pablo & Rodrigo
Harry Louis y Marc Jacobs
Emilio Ayala by Adolfo López
Gay Baggy Boys: Marek
Enigmatic Boys: Martin
Gay Teen Studio: Jonathan
BFCollection: Maxim
19Nitten: Gavrel
Corbin Fisher: Brayden Gets Fucked (with preview video)
Bel Ami: Brandon Manilow & Peter Fleming
Bound Jocks: Samuel O’Toole
Sean Cody: Jordan and Ryan Bareback + Screengrabs x Video Preview!
Men on Edge: Alex Adams

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QC RoundUp — April 6

Welcome to the end of another long, hard, throbbing week here at QC. Jerkoff sessions were the name of the game, with more self-gratification than a preacher’s daughter at Bible camp. And we’re pretty sure things were pretty similar on your end, weren’t they?
Everyone survive the week? Any sleazy stories to share? Planet Unicorn was filled with all kinds of goodies this week, including a leaked wank tape, a new FELEBS magazine, and a nude boyfriend of the week to make us drool from every end. Light up a cigarette and get to surfing, QCitizens.

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TGIF – Week of Wank

FELEBS - The Hottest Guys on Your Television
Men.com: Tomas Brand & Paddy O'Brian
Dominic Ford: Rod Dailey and Doug Acre
Guess His Dick #14: Reveal
Sean Cody: Jess and Jessie Bareback
Sporno: Todd Duffee
Pole Position: Ripe for Picking
QC's Nude Boyfriend of the Week
New Site Attack: Gentleman Handling
Bernardo Velasco Jerk Off Video
Wank sees to be the word of the week around Planet Unicorn. Between Bernardo Velasco’s leaked jerkoff video and our new site Gentleman Handling, it seems like there’s as much self-lovin’ as fucking happening on QC. Plus we had hot new scenes from Men.com and Dominic Ford. Which was hotter this week, the wanking or the fucking? It’s a Sophie’s Choice, really.
Speaking of, have you taken the time to check out our new site, Gentleman Handling? The site features guy-next-door wank videos at their most artistic. It’s become one of our favorite new sites. Who knew artistry could be so hot? Oh, right, everyone in the entire world. Srsly, check it out.
Hot Chinese Hunk Kueer (2)
PeterFever: Masquerade
Chinese Policeman Xu Hao
Eddie Peng (Peng Yu Yan) on Men’s Health (2)
Video: Indian Toilet Jack Off [Video Unlocked!]
Stag Homme: Spycam
BadPuppy: Edic
Anaconda #104
Lucas Barreto
Leo Castro by Rick Day
AlexBoys: Justin
Doggy Boys: Ilyuha
Teens Boys World: Xylon
BFCollection: Tommy
Gay Teen Studio: Egor
Corbin Fisher: Quinn Rocks Aiden’s World (with preview video)
Bel Ami: Julien Hussey & Dylan Ayres
Str8Hell: Adam Rupert and Paul Fresh
Sean Cody: Jess and Jessie Bareback + Screengrabs x Video Preview
Men On Edge: Andrew Blue

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Kraznys mo Nakloz Hast Their Nipple-Flesh!

April Fools Day 2013
We watched this scene from Season Three premiere of Game of Thrones, shuddered, and laughed. The models from the participating studios that were de-nippled must be very thankful we are no where as nipple hungry as Kraznys mo Nakloz, and we have Photoshop these days.
How did you think the guys look sans nipples, areolas, and belly buttons? Well, we’re sewing them all back, and you may inspect them all again. Hope you had fun this April 1st! 🙂

Craving for more Game of Thrones? QC has brought this fantasy seven kingdoms to greater heights in FELEBS, where you watch Johnny Rapid ride his way to the crown in the GOT 60-page issue.
And we wonder how much of our previous years’ April Fools antics you remember. Go right after the jump to see the complete year-by-year report.

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TGIF – Return of the King

Method Man Dick Pics Leaked!
Island Studs: Malu
FELEBS - Who Owns the Throne?
Raging Stallion: Shawn Wolfe and Tristan Matthews
GHD, Lucky #13: Reveal
Pole Position: Men That Matter
QC's Nude Boyfriend of the Week
Picture This: Paddy O'Brian
Sporno: Ben Cohen
Sean Cody: Pete and Brandon Bareback
This week’s #1 post shouldn’t come as any surprise. Our Man of the Year has finally returned to us in one of his hottest scenes yet. Brandon gives Pete’s ass quite a workout. We welcome him back with open arms and stiff dicks, celebrating the hottest man of 2012.
Other highlights of the week include a long overdue Ben Cohen post, Method Man’s leaked dick pix, and our best FELEBs yet: a pornified Game of Thrones. It’s been a steamy week here on Planet Unicorn. Looking to unwind for your work week? Sit back and rub a few out to Brandon. We’re certainly going to.
King Chiu – Private Structure Model
Cameron Monaghan Fucks Harrison Xu
Nepali Model Sanish Shakya
Indon Escort Michael
Beautiful Onore Model (2)
Guilherme Bravin Mr. RIO
Victor Sidoni by Renato Gama
Revista Junior #49
Anaconda #102
Big Brother Brasil: André
EnigmaticBoys: Neo
Teens Boys World: Matvey
BFCollection: Peter
Teens And Twinks: Lesley
Corbin Fisher: Brant’s First Time (with preview video)
Club Inferno Dungeon: Drew Sebastian and Alessandro Del Torro
Men On Edge: Adam Herst
Bel Ami: Gaelan Binoche & Billy Cotton
Chaos Men: Glenn and Trevor – Edge

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QC RoundUp — March 23

This week was the first week of spring in some parts of Planet Unicorn. Which means that for some, the Ice is thawing, boners are beginning to bloom, and skank top season is right around the corner. Hooray!
How was your week, QueerClickers? Ours was great, thanks for asking. This week brought us a sexy wrestler, a new FELEBS post, and an odd combination of new twitter followers. Sit back, relax, and rub one out as you prepare to celebrate the weekend.

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