STICKY #1 is the first issue in a new series of erotic tales of man-on-man carnality and sweetness.
In “Hold On”, the first story of the series, a casual street fair hook up between two hot guys turns into an extended challenge to see how far they can go while delaying orgasm. And they go pretty far!
The series, although intended predominantly for gay males, is also suitable for heterosexual women who make up a large part of the audience for softcore queer television programs like “Queer As Folk”.
The series is published by Eros Comics in Seattle. The publisher generally publishes material intended for a heterosexual audience, and while they do also publish some lesbian-themed books, this is their first series that deals exclusively with man-on-man sex.
STICKY #1 is priced at $4.95. Readers can order STICKY #1 directly from Eros Comics / Fantagraphics or toll-free at (800) 657-1100 through Eros’ website.
Artist Steve Macisaac is a Canadian living and working in Tokyo. His work has appeared in a number of comics anthologies and ‘zines including What’s Wrong (Arsenal Pulp Press), True Porn (dist. Alternative Comics), Boy Trouble, and Holy Titclamps. This is Dale Lazarovi’s first published work as a comics writer, but definitely not the last. Dale lives and works in Chicago.
In his email, Dale also gave us a little synopsis preview of Sticky #2 which will be available in March.
“What happens to the gorgeous gay rodeo star after he’s been brutally dumped by a boyfriend who declares himself straight in front of a talk show audience? Well, in “Talk Show Queers”, he gets picked up by the hot, burly security guy sitting front row center. Naturally, they get down to some STICKY business.”
Finally, you can subscribe to Sticky Notes, a Yahoo Group they’ve set up for previews and news.

Feb 20, 2005 By Editor D 2 Comments