Jack at MilitaryClassified.com

Jack at MilitaryClassified.com
Jack (whose nickname is “Jack Me Off” because all he ever does is jerk off) is back! He just got himself a girlfriend so hopefully now he’ll keep his hands off his dick…but an hour doesn’t go by that Jack doesn’t have his hands down his pants or strokin’ his dick. He’s 19, in the military, and thinks about sex 24/7 and a young straight stud like this needs to bust his nut constantly.
Well this time Rob decided to go for the gold with Jack and was able to convince him to do an anal scene and fuck the shit out of him.
Rob started sucking Jack’s dick and he took to it like a duck to water. He immediately began getting hard and Rob’s oral skills were put to the test because since Jack jerks off so much it’s mostly difficult for him to cum without a long, long, long stamina session he goes through just to bust a nut. He fucks like a horse!
Once his dick became hard as a rock, Rob slipped on the condom and proceeded to bend over for Jack’s hokey pokey stick. By the time he had it all the way in, he began a nice fucking motion that began to get faster and faster and deeper and deeper up Rob’s ass.
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Jack at MilitaryClassified.com
Jack fucks like a rabbit. He grabs Rob’s hips and drives his dick up the ass hard! Since this was his very first time fucking a guy in the ass he was a little nervous so Rob ended up sitting him back on the chair and expert-cocksucked him off till he blew his nut all over Rob’s hands.

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