French Olympic Medallist Frederick Bousquet Exposes Himself

Olympic Medallist Exposes Himself
Preparing a kickass spread for you guys now. Here’s an appetiser to flame your speedos! Stay tuned! Will be riiiiight back!
Okay, so here we go! Took awhile cos we had to gather all the forensic evidence!
French Olympic Silver Medallist Frederick Bosquet's exposes his long slender cock on his webcam!
Yes it’s Frédérick Bousquet! Born August 4, 1981 in Perpignan, the French hottie is a freestyle and butterfly swimmer who previously held the world record in the 50 m freestyle in a time of 21.10 in short course (25 m), set in 2004 at the Men’s NCAA Division One Swimming and Diving Championships, for over two years. It was bettered by South Africa’s Roland Schoeman on August 12, 2006.
He most recently won an Olympic silver medal in the classic U.S. versus France duel in the pool in the men’s 400-meter freestyle relay.

Olympic Silver Medallist Frederick Bousquet is too hot!! Does the water in the pool boil?
Before we plunge (or dive? kekeke) into the real meat, let’s marvel at Frederick’s gorgeous athletic moments in and out of the pool. How many times have we fantasized about having a peek at those swimmers’ family jewels that are pressed ever so tightly against the bodysuits (no more speedos unfortunately)… drool…
Frederick Bousquet looks so much hawter without any hair!
Frederick Bousquet about to reveal his long and floppy cock!
The shots in question are headless, but there is no question that it’s our French flying fish Frederick Bousquet. Here, he teases us with a neatly trimmed (okay, almost buzz cut) bush, and the beginning of a promising penis stem, and oh, he’s hiding a really nice teabag. Looks like he’ll smell nice down there. Come on, take in a deep breath…
Frederick Bousquet shows off his floppy cock and nice scrotum
Frederick Bousquet's nice long swimmer cock
The very first of this series of saucy photos first surfaced on FM Forum on August 30, 2008 by a user called ‘lenad441‘. Readers urged and pleaded to see more.
lenad441 replied “If the response gets better for this thread, i.e. more posts expressing interest, i will post even more pics…showing even more.”
There isn’t much information on how these photos were obtained and when, except that “Frederick used his web cam.”
Now we can die with no regrets. Well, it’s a pity there aren’t any erection or cum shots. But we’re grateful with what we got here. Greed is the root of all evil. Hello, Lehman Brothers?
Finally, here’s a video of Frederick setting the NCAA record in the 50 Yard Free, and a short interview with him at the end.

We hope you enjoyed this loooooong spread, befitting of Frederick Bousquet’s schlooooong. It’s such a perfect day… I’m gonna spend it with you…
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