Randy Blue’s “That 70’s Gay Porn Movie” Poster

Randy Blue's That 70's Gay Porn Movie Poster
We shared the fun promotional shots from Randy Blue’s upcoming feature “That 70’s Gay Porn Movie.” Well, they just released the movie poster and it looks like it’s gonna be an old-school sex comedy complete with horny college boys, fraternity hazing rituals, and the wacky tobaccky! Plus, the fraternity in the movie is named Delta Iota Kappa (DIK… a joke you needn’t be stoned to appreciate).
Luckily, they’ve brought along some of their hottest stars including Xander Scott, Mike West, Ethan Parker, Christian Sharp, Brandon Kent, Leo Giamani, Dustin Steele, and Vincent DeSalvo (who, you may remember, got expelled from his Christian college for being a cock-hungry manslut, but later got the greenlight to graduate.
It’s cool that Randy Blue’s finally releasing a full-blown feature. We think they could set a cool new trend for smaller porn houses and also buck the New York Times’ notion that porn plots are dead.
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Thanks to Queer Me Now for the great shots!

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