Chaos Men: Glenn and Percy – G:hOle

Chaos Men: Glenn and Percy - G:hOle
Since Percy had messed around with guys before, Bryan figured he could handle a G:hOle video. What he didn’t realize is Percy’s experience seems to have been very limited, and you do get the feel that this is his first time.
Glenn of course pulls him into the game and this video has that charming “you are there” feel to it.

Chaos Men: Glenn and Percy - G:hOle
Percy is definitely more into the scene once he begins sucking cock. He has something to do, and when he is getting serviced, he is not sure where to look. Though when he puts his feet up into the two glory holes, leaving his legs spread and ass hole wide-open, he does get lost in the moment. Hmmmmm. Bottom feeders should enjoy that part of the video!
A scruffy-faced Glenn took a pretty good facial from Percy, only to dump his own load on the floor. Percy rubs it around with his foot, squishing the cum around between his toes!

Mar 05, 2014 By Jo 11 Comments

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