ChaosMen: Baker and Glenn – Serviced

ChaosMen: Baker and Glenn - Serviced
Both guys have beat-up knuckles. Glenn works construction and landscaping, as well as constantly tinkering with his ginormous lifted pick-up truck, so his hands usually are in bad shape, but the two of them were looking like they got into a fist fight before this shoot. Boys!
The two of them really get into each other. Baker loves having his ass played with while Glenn sucks on his cock.

ChaosMen: Baker and Glenn - Serviced
The cumshot on this one is premium. Baker makes himself nut, mouth-wide open, and it takes Glenn about 90 seconds to unload all over and right into Baker‘s mouth. Baker gurgles it around a bit … you can hear him gulp it down!
Great energy and a great ending on this one!

Mar 19, 2014 By Jo 9 Comments

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