This Week on NextDoorStudios: John Stone and Jaxon Colt, Ashton Webber, Arad, Owen Michaels

This Week on NextDoorWorld: John Stone and Jaxon Colt, Ashton Webber, Arad, Owen Michaels
See this week’s updates – blonde hunk John Stone and the Foursome of Jaxon, Ashton, Arad and Owen – right after the jump!

nextdoormale john stone
John Stone is a confident, SoCal bleach blonde hunk with a propensity to please and a special talent for doing so. Slender and strong, he finds himself seated at the bar one late afternoon, his ripped body basking in the golden sunlight, as he wraps his hands around his growing cock, stroking it with both hands as he spits into his palm, his blue eyes looking up every now and again just to make sure you’re still rapt with attention.
nextdoorbuddies jaxon colt ashton webber arad owen michaels
As the four players eye their cards secretly around the table, each assumes there is more at stake than just the hand. Jaxon Colt and Ashton Webber are already down to their final draws, each having lost everything, including the shirts from their backs. While Owen Michaels has been a somewhat stronger player, he too has been stripped of all but his most bare necessities. It looks as if Arad is the big winner of the night, but there is still one more game to play, and thanks to a last minute rule change, the last game is designed to give every guy an equal shot at going all in for the cream. Think you know how it ends? Don’t bet on it.

Jan 29, 2015 By Jo 13 Comments

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