ChaosMen: Glenn and Truman – Serviced

ChaosMen: Glenn and Truman - Serviced

Wow! Truman is awesome! There are so many great things about this ChaosMen video!

Glenn’ massage table skills are now in the elite category! It does help that Truman was incredibly turned-on, very responsive to touch, and willing to push his limits. Glenn showed up wearing his cap and Bryan thought it would be hot to see him film in it.

ChaosMen: Glenn and Truman - Serviced

It is a joy to watch Truman writhe around as Glenn toys with him. He also gives cock-sucking a try, and despite the awkward position, does a decent try.

The cum shot is just tremendous! Unique even! Once Truman decided he was going to allow himself to cum, Glenn just had to toss a little extra energy at it, and then kerpow!

May 13, 2015 By Jo 5 Comments

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