ChaosMen: Caley and Glenn – Serviced

ChaosMen: Caley and Glenn - Serviced

Caley was more interested in sucking Glenn’s cock. Not that he was ‘eager’ to, he just figured he might not stay hard. He says he isn’t fond of girls giving him head either, let alone a dude doing it. He has on several occasions messed around with guys, so he figured doing the cock-sucking would be better.

Caley does stumble a bit with getting hard, so after some side-by-side jerking, he just gets down to sucking cock. Clearly he has very little skill, but jumps in mouth first.

That actually doesn’t stop Glenn from staying hard. He is actually used to girls being tentative about it and can stay hard with just gentlest of sucking.

ChaosMen: Caley and Glenn - Serviced

Caley does his best, and Glenn – while giving head to Caley – throws himself into, getting and keeping Caley hard.

Caley jerks himself until he unloads. Not a very big cum shot, but Glenn cums enough for three guys. Two squirts overshoot Caley entirely, so Glenn quickly corrects to add his load to Caley’s load.

The aftermath is pretty hot, as cum is still leaking out of Caley’s cut/uncut cock, and there is a large pile of Glenn’s load scattered all over his abs!

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