ChaosMen: Bjorn and Glenn – Serviced

ChaosMen: Bjorn and Glenn - Serviced

Bjorn is very passive and it goes with his diminutive size. He sure looks tiny compared to Glenn. Glenn‘s cock seems even bigger these days. The boy has turned into a man!

Bjorn is a lot more interested in Glenn. He pretty much ends up servicing him most of this video. You see a glimmer of the bottom boy he is, obedient, subservient and eager to please. Bryan thinks Bjorn needs to be TagTeamed by a couple dudes!

ChaosMen: Bjorn and Glenn - Serviced

Both guys can cum volumes and Bjorn knew that having Glenn dump his load in his mouth and coating him would get him over the top. Glenn does a great job aiming for his mouth, hitting his tongue perfectly, and then the rest shoots out over Bjorn’s body.

Bjorn nurses the last bits of cum from Glenn’s cock, then starts to shoot his own load. He gets a lot of distances, not only coating his body and face, but also hitting Glenn a few times!

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Jul 01, 2015 By Jo 29 Comments

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