Sean Cody: Jakob and Dean

Sean Cody: Jakob & Dean

While everybody’s making the most out of the last remaining days of summer, these two pretty boys collide in bed, and steamy hot sex is ensued. Jakob takes the rope in today’s scene to give Dean a pounding he very much deserves in every position his top desires.

Sean Cody: Jakob & Dean

Dean has always been a crowd favorite and he’s always gonna be pleasant in the eyes whenever he’s bent over or just plainly taking a dick up in his ass. Jakob works hard today to earn our love for the power top he ought to embrace but there’s something lackluster about Jakob. The lack of facial expression leaves his performance otherwise dry most of the time. We feel like we’re never gonna see a wild side of Jakob as long as he hasn’t given up that ass. Pop his cherry and maybe he’d turn into a star we hope him to be but if it weren’t for Dean today, this Sean Cody scene can’t be single handedly won by Jakob.
On a side note, is it just us or do they look like brothers to you as well?

Aug 31, 2017 By Lou 5 Comments

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