These BelAmi Boys’ Instagram Stories Are Giving Us Major FOMOs!

These BelAmi Boys' Instagram Stories Are Giving Us Major FOMOs!

When you put all these eye candies in one house, it’s not a house anymore. It’s heaven on earth.

How is it like to be stuck with a bunch of hot men in one house during quarantine? We’ll never know. But at least, we have Paul Cassidy and the gang to fill us in with what’s been going down inside the quarantine house.

According to QueerMeNow, BelAmi is brewing something. A reality show-type where they’d film these hot guys inside a house while on quarantine (Who else here misses FratmenTV?). The house is in Prague as per model Viggo Sorensen’s now deleted tweet, and other cast includes Niccolo Neri, Yannis Paluan, Ethan O’pry, Derek Caravaggio, Jimmy Hardin, Elio Chalamet.

Other details include a free hour-long live broadcast every day and the weekly reality show itself every Friday. An official announcement is gonna be made.

In the meantime, let us cherish some of the moments these men have been posting on their Instagram accounts while we wait for this spectacle.

What can you say about this idea? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!

Apr 21, 2020 By Miguel 3 Comments

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