ChaosMen: Donnie Marco and Jamie Kelvin – Serviced

ChaosMen: Donnie Marco and Jamie Kelvin - Serviced

Donnie Marco and Jamie Kelvin are a great pairing … Both have big dicks, and both love to suck cock and eat ass. As soon as they got started, the guys knew this was going to be a high-energy shoot.

ChaosMen: Donnie Marco and Jamie Kelvin - Serviced

The two start off passionately making out on the sofa before quickly stripping each other’s clothes off. Jamie is rock-hard from the start, his uncut dick stretching his briefs to the max, so Donnie quickly gets to work licking and massaging Jamie’s cock through his underwear.

Donnie wastes no time pulling Jamie’s cock out and starts deepthroating it, impressing Jamie with how far down his throat he can take it right off the bat.

Next it’s Jamie’s turn to suck Donnie’s cock, which he does expertly. Donnie clearly enjoys himself as he runs his fingers through Jamie’s blonde hair.

Donnie loves to eat ass, so he flips Jamie over on to all fours and goes to town on Jamie’s tight twink hole, spitting on and massaging it while Jamie holds on to a wooden support beam for dear life.

Donnie flips Jamie over to discover that he’s still rock-hard, so Donnie quickly starts working and throating Jamie’s cock until Jamie blasts an enormous load all over himself AND Donnie’s face. Donnie eagerly laps up and swallows as much as he can of Jamie’s delicious nut before the two share some.

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