ChaosMen: Dillon Diaz and Johnny Hill – Serviced

ChaosMen: Dillon Diaz and Johnny Hill - Serviced

Johnny Hill and Dillon Diaz have great chemistry. Johnny gives you that sk8r-guy vibe while Dillon gives you a quasi-submissive power-bottom energy. They both are feeling horny and need their dicks sucked. Luckily for them, they’re both in the mood.

Johnny and Dillon start making out on the sofa before Johnny peels off Dillon’s jeans and teases Dillon’s cock through his black briefs. Johnny pulls out Dillon’s dick and starts expertly sucking and throating it as Dillon enjoys himself. Dillon lays back and helps Johnny throat the whole thing with a gently push on the back of Johnny’s head.

ChaosMen: Dillon Diaz and Johnny Hill - Serviced

When it’s Johnny’s turn to get some sloppy head, Johnny sits back on the sofa and Dillon gets on all fours on the couch cushions, giving Johnny access to Dillon’s hole while Dillon works Johnny’s hard cock.

Johnny seems impressed with Dillon’s ability to take his dick all the way down to the base. Johnny loves a sloppy, wet BJ and Dillon is happy to provide.

As Johnny approaches climax, Dillon kneels in front of him and fingers Johnny’s hole, pressing deeper and deeper until he’s massaging Johnny’s prostate. Johnny shoots a massive load that Dillon happily laps up.

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