ChaosMen: Donnie Marco and Luke Geer – Serviced

ChaosMen: Donnie Marco and Luke Geer - Serviced

Donnie Marco is back to service another bi-curious bro, Luke Geer!

The two get started making out on the sofa before Donnie helps Luke out of his shirt so Donnie can worship his toned chest, nipples, and armpits. Donnie makes his way down to remove Luke’s shorts, exposing his tight camo underwear. Donnie teases Luke’s dick through his briefs before taking it out to reveal a quickly-hardening, uncut cock.

ChaosMen: Donnie Marco and Luke Geer - Serviced

Donnie gets to work throating and sucking Luke’s dick before making his way down to lick and massage Luke’s ass.

Luke stands in front of Donnie and proceeds to face-fuck him, stopping occasionally to tease Donnie by slapping his cock on his tongue and work out some precum from his foreskin.

Donnie has Luke lay back down on the sofa so Donnie can do some light foot- and body-worshipping before making his way back to Luke’s dick. As Luke approaches climax, Donnie pulls off and Luke works his own dick until he shoots a thick load into Donnie’s mouth, which leaks and dribbles down Luke’s shaft.

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