ChaosMen: Johnny Hill Fucks Des Irez

ChaosMen: Johnny Hill Fucks Des Irez

Johnny Hill and Des Irez are in the midst of a passionate makeout session on the bed – Johnny already naked and semi-hard and Des in a jockstrap.

Des gets on all-fours and starts sucking Johnny’s dick as Johnny reaches behind and plays with Des’ ass and package through his jock.

Johnny peels away Des’ jock and returns the favor, throating Des’ uncut twink dick as Des throws his head back.

Des spins around and gets back on all-fours as Johnny gets into position to eat Des’ ass. Johnny strokes his and Des’ dick as Des reaches around to help spread his cheeks. Johnny gently fingers Des’ tight hole before Des turns over onto his back.

ChaosMen: Johnny Hill Fucks Des Irez

Johnny adds some lube to the mix and then slowly slides his hard cock into Des’ hole with surprising ease. As the two share another kiss, Johnny plunges deeper and deeper into Des’ hungry hole.

Johnny lays on his side and continues to pump his cock balls-deep into Des’ hole as Johnny strokes and plays with Des’ dick.

Des gets into doggy-style and Johnny resumes pounding Des’ ass. Des looks back and watches as Johnny varies his speed before Johnny pulls Des back deeper onto his cock.

Johnny fucks Des’ ass right up to climax, pulling out and shooting his thick load all over Des’ ass. The camera fades away as Johnny fingers his load into Des’ hole.

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