ChaosMen: Jax Phoenix Fucks Des Irez

ChaosMen: Jax Phoenix Fucks Des Irez

Des Irez and Jax Phoenix are making out passionately on the bed, exploring each other’s bodies before Des makes his way down to Jax’s cock.

Jax lays back on the bed as Des continues worshipping his dick. He reaches back and explores Des’ cock and ass as Des licks and teases Jax’s cock head.

Jax takes control and tosses Des down on the bed. Des lifts his feet up into the air and Jax goes to town on Des’ hole. Jax alternates his focus between Des’ uncut dick and smooth hole as Des’ enjoys himself.

ChaosMen: Jax Phoenix Fucks Des Irez

Satisfied that Des’ hole has been sufficiently lubed-up, Jax gets on his knees and slides his cock deep into Des’ ass, quickly getting up to speed as he pounds Des in missionary-position.

Des gets onto all-fours and Jax effortlessly slides right back in, grabbing Des’ hips for leverage as he pulls Des further back onto his rock-hard cock.

Des lays on his back for the final position change. Jax pushes deep into Des’ gaped hole, then leans forward for a kiss. As Jax reaches climax, he leans back on to his knees, pulls out and shoots a massive load all over Des’ stomach.

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