ChaosMen: Buck

ChaosMen: Buck

His name is “Buck” and he’s ready to fuck!

Buck is sprawled out and relaxed on the bed. He gives his interview where he reveals that he loves wrestling and grappling. He really enjoys getting sweaty.

Throughout his interview, Buck can’t help but play with his big dick. He alternates between slapping it against his thigh and stroking it with his fingers. He’s clearly ready to get started.

ChaosMen: Buck

Buck would like to have a “train ran on [him] by 20 guys and be forced to drink all the cum.” Maybe some of you would like to help him fulfill that fantasy?

Buck slides down the bed and immediately starts playing with his hole as he plays with his dick. He adds some lube to the mix and says that he “likes it wet.” He gets up on his knees and focuses on his cock for a bit before spinning around to showcase his ass some more.

Buck slides two fingers into his hole with ease before exclaiming that he needs more. His big cock is long enough to reach back and tease his hole.

It’s not long before Buck is using both hands, alternating between fingering his ass and gaping his hole with both hands. He’s clearly he hungry, hungry bottom!

As Buck approaches climax, he turns back over, rises to his knees for some stroking action before he decides to show us just how flexible he his.

Buck lays on his back and throws both legs over his head to showcase his self-sucking skills before stroking a juicy load out all over his face, mouth, and tongue. He sucks and milks every last drop out of his dick, leaving a healthy mess of cum all over his smiling face as the camera pans away.

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