ChaosMen: Blake Ryan

ChaosMen: Blake Ryan

Blake Ryan sits comfortably on the bed, already rock-hard inside his green shorts.

This red-bearded bear-in-training delivers a candid interview, revealing that he’s bi-sexual, and discussing his likes/dislikes. With guys, he likes to be dominated. With girls, he prefers to take control.

ChaosMen: Blake Ryan

Even though Blake gets sex regularly, he still loves to jerk off, sometimes up to three times a day. He loves watching porn.

Blake stands to the side of the bed and flexes, showcasing his muscles before turning around to reveal his ‘bubblebutt’. He reveals that he loves when girls ‘eat his ass,’ then removes his shorts, exposing his fat, rock-hard cock. Blake climbs back on to the bed and gets to work.

Blake grabs some lube, then begins to stroke his dick with one hand as he plays with his ass with the other. Blake rises to his knees and continues to stroke, then flips around to showcase his ass for the camera. He reaches around and plays with his hole, then goes back to stroking as he moans with delight.

Blake turns around and reclines against the headboard, then picks up where he left off – stroking his dick as he plays with his hole. Blake shouts ‘Fuck me!’ as he shoots his load across his belly, then reaches down to gather most of his cum up with his fingers and devour it.

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