Corbin Fisher: Roman fucks Noah – “Noah & Roman’s Breakup Sex”

Corbin Fisher: Roman fucks Noah - 'Noah and Roman's Breakup Sex'

If you ever want to experience “palpable sexual tension”, spend a little time around Roman and Noah.

What you might not know is these two used to date, and in fact both landed at CorbinFisher at the same time because they’d talked about applying together.

They split up right around then so were never dating while actually appearing on CF, but the entire time they’ve each been there things have been building up to this break up sex episode.

Corbin Fisher: Roman fucks Noah - 'Noah and Roman's Breakup Sex'

Mind you, it’s not like there’s been any anger or hostility between them. They’ve gotten along with one another just fine, kept in touch, but had never gotten around to Roman fucking the absolute daylights out of Noah.

They’ve each clearly desperately wanted to do so since breaking up until this episode right here. And it’s been obvious to everyone who’s spent any time around them at the studio that this episode needed to happen.

See more of Noah, Roman and their video at CorbinFisher.

Jul 14, 2022 By Jo 2 Comments

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