Helix Studios: Garrett Kinsley and Seth Peterson Flip Fuck

Helix Studios: Garrett Kinsley and Seth Peterson

It’s summertime in Vegas; and, hottie housemates, Josh Brady, Garrett Kinsley, and Seth Peterson’s A.C. is broken!

Brady, and Kinsley attempt to come up with creative ways to cool down; however, it’s sexy- smart Seth who comes to the rescue, with an epic house sitting gig … complete with A.C! Garret sneaks Seth off to a secluded bedroom.

Helix Studios: Garrett Kinsley and Seth PetersonHelix - Back to School Special

The kisses continue; as, Peterson pantses golden boy Garrett, then quickly makes his way down to that crazy huge cock. Pretty boy, Peterson plunges the pornstar sized piece deep down his pipes like a pro, gulping, and gagging gorgeously on Garrett’s engorged groin.

After the perfect pucker prepping, Kinsley orders Peterson onto his oversized piece; who gladly bounces on that big beast with glee. There’s no shortage of schlong stiffening dirty talk during this dick down; and, it only makes this epic moment more delicious.

After delivering dick in doggie, the dom top flips the script, and becomes the perfect power bottom! Seth’s strokes speed up, as Kinsley calls out, he’s “about to cum.”

And, what a hearty load it is! He splashes his ENTIRE torso with spews of salty-good spunk! Peterson pulls out, and adds to the boy-blast bash, covering his already dick-drenched dude with raunchy, raw ropes of his white hot wrath.

See more of Garrett, Seth and their video at HelixStudios.

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