ChaosMen: Amone Bane Fucks Christian Ryder

ChaosMen: Amone Bane Fucks Christian Ryder

At ChaosMen, Amone Bane and Christian Ryder make out passionately on the bed, pawing and groping at each other before Amone takes control, peeling away Christian’s shorts to reveal his hard cock.

Christian kisses his way down Amone’s chiseled chest, making his way down to Amone’s cock, taking it into his mouth as he gropes Amone’s heavy balls. Amone leans forward to give Christian a playful slap on his ass as Christian dedicates himself to taking Amone’s cock entirely down his throat.

ChaosMen: Amone Bane Fucks Christian Ryder

Christian climbs up into a cowboy position, lowering himself down on to Amone’s throbbing dick, then bouncing faster and faster on it like a real pro. Amone reaches forward, grabbing Christian’s cheeks and pulling them apart.

Christian climbs off and lays on his side as Amone moves in behind to fuck him in a big spoon/little spoon position. Christian hoists one leg aloft as Amone plunges deeper.

Amone moves into a modified missionary position, fucking Christian’s ass faster and faster until he reaches climax, pulling out and spraying his load all over Christian’s cock and balls. Christian shoots his nut simultaneously, pooling at the head of his dick as Amone slides his cock back into Christian’s ass.

See the video and more of Amone and Christian at ChaosMen.

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