ChaosMen: Brody Fox Fucks Axel Noxx

ChaosMen: Brody Fox Fucks Axel Noxx

On ChaosMen, Axel Noxx and Brody Fox make out on the bed, voraciously exploring each other’s bodies like they’ve been without human contact for weeks.

Axel kisses his way down to Brody’s shorts, pulling out Brody’s cock and taking it deep into his mouth as Brody lets out a loud moan. Brody always looks so happy to be getting his dick sucked, like it’s the first time ever.

ChaosMen: Brody Fox Fucks Axel Noxx

The two trade places, and we get a great look at Brody’s puckered hole as he takes Axel’s cock into his mouth.

Axel climbs up, mounting Brody in a cowboy-style position. Axel reaches behind himself and aims Brody’s cock at his ass before lowering himself down on to it. Axel begins to ride, bouncing and grinding on Brody’s cock.

We watch from underneath as Brody’s balls slap against Axel’s ass. As Brody approaches climax, he pulls out and hoists his right leg on to the bed. He declares that he’s going to cum, then shoots his load all over Axel’s stomach. Spent, Brody leans in for a kiss as the camera pans away.

See the video and more of Axel and Brody at ChaosMen.

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