CockyBoys: Evan Knoxx and Trevor Brooks

CockyBoys: Evan Knoxx an Trevor Brooks

This week on CockyBoys Evan Knoxx and Trevor Brooks explore the facets of sensuality before enjoying an outdoors flip-fuck. Trevor gives Evan a shoulder rub and blindfolds him to heighten his other senses by running a feather across his skin and feeding him fruit.

When Trevor kisses him, Evan is excited and he pulls off the blindfold to kiss him passionately. Before going on though, Trevor has Evan close his eyes for another sensual delight: he feeds Evan his cock.

CockyBoys: Evan Knoxx an Trevor Brooks

With his eyes closed, Evan sucks Trevor’s cock and as he savors the taste, he enjoys it even more. Soon though, Evan takes Trevor to a more secluded spot so he can get sucked off too. Trevor thoroughly enjoys Evan’s cock and balls and when Evan offers up his hole, Trevor feasts on it with the same gusto.

Evan is in heaven and in time expresses the desire for Trevor to be inside him.

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