Broke Straight Boys: Amone Bane Fucks Ashton Silvers

Broke Straight Boys: Amone Bane Fucks Ashton Silvers

At BrokeStraightBoys, sexy and ready to party, Ashton Silvers and Amone Bane immediately begin making out on top of the bed before quickly throwing off Ashton’s underwear.

“You are so big!” Amone exclaims by choking himself on Ashton’s thick cock. His bulge gets harder inside Amone’s mouth, wet spit dripping from his lips down Ashton’s shaft. The new guy plays with Ashton’s balls and his tip by covering them in saliva and ramming them in his mouth.

Broke Straight Boys: Amone Bane Fucks Ashton Silvers

When it’s Amone’s turn to receive the pleasure of Ashton’s tongue, he strips his underwear expectantly as his hard erection posies for Ashton’s lips. Amone’s cock, too, is thick and long. He fills Ashton’s mouth with his girth that keeps enlarging with every pulse of Ashton’s lips.

Ass play is next on the menu as Ashton bends over and spreads wide for Amone’s tongue to pleasure his hole. With the natural lubrication of spit, Amone drips onto Ashton’s asshole and slides a finger in as he plays.

Amone spits on Ashton’s cock and begins pleasuring him while also fucking his ass. “You like that?” he inquires. Ashton’s response is only deep breathing and moans of pleasure.

Watching the scene unfold in front of him, Ashton receives the pleasure passively until he is ready to explode. Taking over, the blonde obey’s Amone’s command to cum for him – and he explodes hot cream.

Immediately stating it’s his turn to cum, Amone thrusts his hips until Ashton’s cock makes him cum, dripping even more cream onto Ashton’s stomach. The two cocks are finally satisfied.

See the video and more of Ashton and Amone at BrokeStraightBoys.

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