ChaosMen: Cesar Rossi and Drake Von – Edge

ChaosMen: Cesar Rossi and Drake Von - Edge

Cesar Rossi and Drake Von enter the ChaosMen edging chamber.

Drake leads Cesar over to the St. Andrew’s Cross, secures him, blindfolds him, and begins to caress Cesar’s chest. He’s working his way slowly down to Cesar’s growing bulge. Drake teases Cesar’s cock through his boxers, then pulls them down to reveal Cesar’s hard, uncut dick.

ChaosMen: Cesar Rossi and Drake Von - Edge

Drake grabs Cesar’s dick and begins to slide his foreskin backwards and forwards as Cesar moans. Drake leans in and takes Cesar’s cock into his mouth. Drake adds some lube to the mix, then continues to work Cesar’s dick.

As Cesar gets close to the edge, Drake backs off, telling Cesar that he doesn’t get to cum yet – ‘You cum when I say.’

We watch from underneath as Drake strokes Cesar’s dick and plays with Cesar’s pendulous balls. Cesar nears the edge again, exclaiming ‘Fuck, I wanna cum!’ Drake stops, playfully slapping Cesar’s cock as he replies, ‘Not yet … not until I tell you.

‘Sensing that Cesar needs to cum, Drake takes pity on him and begins to stroke Cesar’s cock faster.

See the video and more of Cesar and Drake at ChaosMen.

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