Peter Fever: Nolan Knox and Zacc Andrews

Peter Fever: Nolan Knox and Zacc Andrews

Nolan Knox is parading through the woods of Camp Crystal Cock on Peter Fever, a little nervous about the haunting stories of past insanity and violence at the campsite.

Standing by and observing every step is camp counselor Zacc Andrews, who pops into view to plant a kiss on Nolan’s adorable lips. Kneading Nolan’s buttcheeks, Zacc leaves no question what he’s after. Nolan drops to his knees to suck Zacc to a hefty flagpole of an erection. For his part, Zacc burrows his face into Nolan’s hungry hole.

Peter Fever: Nolan Knox and Zacc Andrews

When Zacc rises up to his feet, he points his big raw cock toward Nolan’s open, juicy pucker and plows in. Nolan braces against a nearby tree and takes all the screwing Zacc can dish out.

He stretches out on a picnic table with legs high and wide as Zacc pounds in deep. They answer each other’s moans. When Zacc cries out “Fuck YEAH!” Nolan responds “Fuck, fuck, FUCK!” The erotic temperature is boiling over.

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