Raunchy Bastards: Langley Gold and Logan Briggs

Raunchy Bastards: Langley Gold and Logan Briggs

Raunchy Bastards tells us about this week’s update: Getting two of my favorite straight boys together was quite a treat. Logan Briggs is definitely an all around versatile guy, but when he gets paired with Langley Gold, he is all submissive.

From the start, Langley begins ordering him around, and Logan just willingly goes with the flow. Logan sucks Langley’s dick good, too! He seems to relish in making his newfound “bud” happy, and Langley keeps giving him encouragement as he sucks, licks, and slobbers all over his cock.

Raunchy Bastards: Langley Gold and Logan Briggs

When Langley tells Logan to bend over, the real fun begins. Logan doesn’t get fucked often, and definitely not at home, so he is tight. Langley comments on how tight he is, and he definitely treats Logan gentler at first compared to some of the twinks he has fucked in the past.

Logan, however, once on his back, loosens up quite quickly, and Langley starts going to town. Before long, Logan is moaning and Langley is just thrusting deep and hard deep into Logan’s boy cunt. At one point, I did see Logan’s eyes roll just a little, too.

Curious for a straight guy, I thought. At least he is having fun. He almost seems excited! After a definite missionary dick down, Logan hops on top and does both cowboy and reverse cowboy, impaling himself on Logan’s rock hard cock.

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Oct 19, 2022 By Dave 2 Comments

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