Japan Boyz: Hiroya and Yusaku

Japan Boyz: Hiroya and Yusaku

Yusaku is the edgy, well-hung “tough boy” around the Japan Boyz stable of stars, and as such he gets a lot of requests to be the top for new models and veterans alike. But when does HE get a chance to get his hungry ass satisfied?

He’s tatted, pierced and very alternative, but that doesn’t exclude him from wanting some ass play from time to time. Enter handsome, macho Hiroya, who’s already buddies with Yusaku and more than ready to give a helping dick to a friend.

Japan Boyz: Hiroya and Yusaku

Hiroya and Yusaku start out in matching denim-printed undies, but those don’t stay on for long. Hiroya warms up his bud with kisses and nipple nips, and Yusaku’s booty gets into high gear right away. These two Asian studs get naked and go to work tearing up the sheets.

When Hiroya’s thick tanned cock starts exploring Yu’s crack, the edgy rawfucker’s legs fly up and welcome Hiroya to cum on in.

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