Papi Kocic and Javi Gray Papi Kocic and Javi Gray

Tattooed hunk Papi Kocic is enjoying the weather on with his shirt off and his feet in the pool. Bearded Javi Gray admires him from the doorway, and Papi admires the shirtless bottom right back!

Papi lets his dominant side show as he kisses Javi, pulling him inside, and the guys hungrily taste each other’s chests before Javi sucks the top. Papi Kocic and Javi Gray

Papi teases the bottom’s hole, then penetrates him on his hands and knees, his muscular body pounding into him. Javi sits on that big dick, riding it just the way Papi likes, then the top fucks him in spoon. Javi cums as he gets a nice deep missionary drilling, then takes a huge facial.

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Dec 02, 2022 By Dave 2 Comments

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