Peter Fever: Jon Darra and Jeremiah Cruz

Peter Fever: Jon Darra and Jeramiah Cruz

Jon Darra‘s rideshare passenger, ginger-haired stud Jeremiah Cruz heats up the ride, telling the horny driver about the “gay club where a lot more than talk is going on”. Kuma bathhouse. He teases that Jon might want to check it out sometime.

Once the sexy rider gets out and strides to the entrance, Jon’s “sometime” comes quicker than he expected. Rubbing his crotch, he groans “Awww, fuck it!” and follows Jeremiah inside. In the darkened playroom, Jeremiah rubs the bulge in his jeans and steps behind a glory hole partition.

Peter Fever: Jon Darra and Jeramiah Cruz

Jon grabs his new bud’s bare cock jutting through and drops to his knees to suck. “Ohh, FUCK yeah!” Jeremiah encourages the horny driver, and next thing they’re both naked on a nearby banquette. Jeremiah leads him to a sling and crouches with his ass upturned in Jon’s face.

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