Corbin Fisher: Tyler’s Tableau

Corbin Fisher: Tyler's Tableau

Tyler has to be one of the most fun, and downright most adorable guys the studio had over the years.

They actually spotted him on social media and seen some of his posts about filming porn and were instantly won over by his charms – the guys had to get him to CorbinFisher!

Corbin Fisher: Tyler's Tableau

There have been many football players at CF, but Tyler stands out among them with that wide smile and those bright eyes as he tells us why it was he was so eager to become a football player in school – boys! We suspect a great many of you can relate to that!

Tyler clearly knows how to make himself feel good, and how to turn on all of us lucky enough to get to take in the show while he rubs one out. Tyler’s an exhibitionist, and it’s clear he is having himself one heck of a time stroking his cock while all of us watch – he’s making love to himself, the cameras, and everyone watching him as he jerks himself off! If Tyler can make an introductory solo this hot, we can only imagine what else he has up his sleeve!

See the video and more of Tyler on CorbinFisher.

Feb 07, 2023 By Jo 3 Comments

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