CockyBoys: Tristan Hunter and Angel Elias

CockyBoys: Tristan Hunter and Angel Elias

Visit CockyBoys as Tristan Hunter goes to Montreal to film with sexy newcomer Angel Elias but unexpectedly has a multi-day porn adventure in this fun, satirical scene from Director Raphael Massicotte!

Tristan isn’t that thrilled by participating in a spontaneous vlog the minute he arrives, but there’s a hot benefit waiting for him —he flip-fucks with Angel in his porn debut!

CockyBoys: Tristan Hunter and Angel Elias

The guys like each other right away and really click when they make out and Tristan goes down on Angel’s big dick. Tristan can’t get enough of his cock and in return, like seasoned pro, Angel eats his ass and pounds his hole.

As hot as it is, they all agree to take a break and film later. The thing is there’s a little drama when Angel and Tristan go out on the town delaying things further.

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Mar 23, 2023 By Dave 1 Comment

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