CockyBoys: Chris Andy and Daniel Evans

CockyBoys: Chris Andy and Daniel Evans

Chris Andy makes his pro debut at CockyBoys and his Twitter bud Daniel Evans takes care of him resulting in an intense, cum-soaked encounter. Chris likes sexual intimacy and Daniel delivers that with passionate kissing and erotic body play—along with lovingly sucking each other’s cocks. As a result, any trace of Chris’s slight case of nerves just melts away.

Daniel’s seductive cocksucking leads to burying his face in Chris’ hole and it’s with great ease that he replaces his tongue with his cock. Daniel pounds Chris but he maintains that intimacy by kissing him and holding him close, and stroking his cock giving Chris more opportunity to caress Daniel’s hard chest. Even when Daniel turns Chris around to fuck him, he’s all about sensual contact first.

CockyBoys: Chris Andy and Daniel Evans

After drilling Chris deep, Daniel takes a slight break to let him take the lead and Chris sucks him again so he can ride on his spit-lubed cock fuck his chest. Daniel helps bring Chris closer by sucking and stroking his cock until Chris shoots a massive load directly between Daniel’s pecs.

Daniel takes a taste, then gives Chris a facial so there’s cum everywhere—especially on Daniel. And he couldn’t be happier.

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Apr 16, 2023 By Dave 1 Comment

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