Gayhoopla: Scotty Fungo – Steamy Shower Solo

Gayhoopla: Scotty Fungo - Steamy Shower Solo

New on Gayhoopla: Scotty Fungo has returned from the gym, sweaty and pumped from a hard workout.

He gets into the shower after undressing, feeling the water warm up and fantasizing as he waits for the perfect temperature. As he gets into the shower, the thought of his gym crush causes his cock to grow.

Gayhoopla: Scotty Fungo - Steamy Shower Solo

As he begins stroking his shaft, his balls begin to bounce more and more as the pace increases. Scotty drops down and continues to stroke, feeling weak in the knees. Steam begins to fill the room, raising Scotty’s temperature.

The heat becomes too much for Scotty, forcing him out of the bathroom and into his bed. In love with his thoughts, he begins humping the bed, recalling his gym crush. Scotty finishes by dripping his nuts all over himself! It appears that he will require another shower!

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Apr 10, 2023 By Jo 4 Comments

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