Adult Time: Pierce Paris and JJ Knight

Adult Time: Pierce Paris and JJ Knight

On Adult Time two straight buddies, JJ Knight and Pierce Paris, are hanging out, bragging about recent sexcapades and trying to one-up each other. It gets to the point where Pierce brags about having ‘airtight sex’ with a specific girl, which confuses JJ.

How can you have ‘airtight’ with just ONE person? That doesn’t make any sense. But Pierce adamantly holds firm to his story, which makes it obviously clear to JJ that he has NO IDEA what ‘airtight’ even means.

Adult Time: Pierce Paris and JJ Knight

JJ doesn’t want to be a total jerk but he DOES want his pal to learn a thing or two so that he doesn’t keep putting his foot in his mouth. JJ pulls up a porn video that features ‘airtight sex’, and Pierce quickly realizes that he was wrong the whole time.

What that girl ACTUALLY gave him was ‘deepthroat’, not ‘airtight’. Whoops!

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May 13, 2023 By Dave 1 Comment

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