Colby Knox: Jack Bailey

Colby Knox: Jack Bailey

He’s back! Jack Bailey has returned to the Colby Knox house. In this week’s update, the sexy stud is learning about yoga from Colby Chambers. They are outside, by the pool, in the Sukhasana pose.

The pair, both in black underwear, get on all fours. “Really arch your back,” Colby suggests. He can’t help himself. Seeing Jack’s booty in that position causes him to pull Jack’s underwear aside and lick that sweet hole. “That feels so good,” Jack whispers.

Colby Knox: Jack Bailey

Colby caresses Jack’s back as his tongue passes between those pale cheeks. “Eat that ass,” Jack begs. Colby stands up. His cock stretches the underwear’s fabric. When he pulls them down, his stiff rod is right in Jack’s face.

He opens wide, swallowing all he can. “Suck my dick,” Colby murmurs. “You’re so fucking hot.” Jack happily chokes down all the meat. Even when face fucked. When he pulls away, spit spills from his mouth.

“Use that throat and that fucking body,” Colby whispers. He gets rid of his underwear. “All the way down,” he orders. “Fuck,” Jack exclaims. “It’s so big.”

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