Corbin Fisher: Finn [2]

Corbin Fisher: Finn (2)

Finn‘s appearance at CorbinFisher is a great example of things working out wonderfully and pleasant surprises happening – just like he’s a great example of a horny young college hottie!

Finn was noticed in a picture Tyler shared online some time ago. Tyler ended up telling Finn about how much he was enjoying filming episodes and getting into action with the guys at CF, so Finn took the initiative and reached out to the studio.

The guys were ecstatic about getting this stunner in front of their cameras, and you can see why in Finn’s debut solo!

Corbin Fisher: Finn (2)

Finn has a near-perfect physique, and you can tell he spends a lot of time working out and is serious about fitness. He had to work for that gorgeous figure; he grew up sort of skinny, but took the decision to change that and has been serious and committed to working out ever since.

Finn has also committed to having a great time on camera! Let’s see how much mischief the lads can get Finn into!

See the video and more of Finn over on CorbinFisher.

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