BelAmi Online: Ethan O’Pry Fucks Olaf Mortensen

BelAmi Online: Ethan O'Pry Fucks Olaf Mortensen

This week’s BelAmi feature update features Ethan O’Pry (before the haircut) and fellow blond Olaf Mortensen.

When Olaf sticks a finger in Ethan’s warm, pink hole and he doesn’t object, the finger is quickly replaced by a tongue.

This led the team to believe that uber-bottom Olaf was attempting to get Ethan to bottom for him, but the true intent, of simply making Ethan horny, is quickly revealed when Olaf plants his own butt on Ethan’s face and demands that his hole be prepared for fucking.

BelAmi Online: Ethan O'Pry Fucks Olaf Mortensen

Olaf begins as the stereotypical ‘bossy bottom,’ riding Ethan’s cock for all he’s worth before Ethan takes control and pounds a nice, creamy load out of his pal. Ethan’s cumshot has to wait until round 2, which the guys are happy to supply in the shower.

Check out the video and more of Olaf and Ethan on BelAmiOnline.

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