Randy Blue: Derek Kage Fucks Greyson Myles

Randy Blue: Derek Kage Fucks Greyson Myles

New on RandyBlue: Derek Kage brings out his inner dom daddy for Greyson Myles!

Derek motions for Greyson to come inside after spending hours admiring and lusting for him, and he gladly accepts his immediate submission. Greyson dives in headfirst and gets devoured by Derek, who fingers his butt and gives him his whole service.

Randy Blue: Derek Kage Fucks Greyson Myles

Derek amplifies the excitement through his deep-voiced sex talk, which becomes stronger as he pounds Greyson against and on top of the kitchen island.

By picking Greyson up and fucking him in midair, Derek increases the thrill factor. He then lets loose all of his dom-energy by plowing Greyson even harder from behind. Greyson eventually lets go of his load on the ground, and Derek gives him a deep, seemingly endless orgasm.

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