Broke Straight Boys: JJ Pinkman Fucks Archie Paige

Broke Straight Boys: JJ Pinkman Fucks Archie Paige

New on BrokeStraightBoys: Archie Paige and JJ Pinkman are shown sharing a passionate moment as the scene develops with a sense of intimacy. JJ pulls Archie’s hard dick from his boxers right away and begins sucking on it like a pro. He makes slurping noises and drools as he licks and suckers on Archie’s cock.

JJ finally takes Archie’s dick all the way down his throat until he gags, following a few minutes of passionate oral sex. JJ spits on Archie’s cock later in the scene, leaving it even sloppier and wetter than before. Archie gets to deliver a blow job next.

Broke Straight Boys: JJ Pinkman Fucks Archie Paige

JJ walks up to Archie, who stoops down and sticks his ass in the air. JJ starts to rim Archie’s tight little butthole, his tongue twitching to taste the exposed flesh. JJ can feel the warm, moistness of Archie’s anal cavity as he probes farther into his anus. Before long, Archie is completely engrossed in the enjoyment of JJ’s deft tongue-rimming.

JJ sticks his finger inside Archie’s hole and pushes his hard dick in. With a sigh of pleasure, Archie lets JJ shove inside him. JJ slams into Archie’s behind. Before long, JJ turns Archie onto his stomach and gives him a doggy fuck. JJ pounds away, spanking and fucking his hole furiously. When Archie finally jerks his dick, JJ tastes his cum.

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